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CoCo Green has always been involved in community development aspects, mainly in development of education.


Few to be noted as.

Sponsoring and guidance of University Students. (At present we have taken the financial responsibilities of two graduates, including one MBBS doctor.) Apart from this, company facilitates undergraduate research opportunities and in-plant training facilities to many university students.


Financial and educational requirement fulfillment of Buddhist monks in need, with development and constructional of temple building and environment. Such as construction of the bridge of Wehera Piriwena in 2014/15, with sponsorship of local monks.

Financial sponsorship of children of those effected from the war lasted in 1985-2009, in Sri Lanka. The company has taken the financial responsibility of two such children (whose parents are deceased LTTE members), aiming to strengthen the cultural bonds between the different ethnic groups in the country.

Public welfare contributions such as development of railway-cross, at Pinnagolla Railway station (Nothern Railway Line) in 2015.

Apart from these, the company has always engaged in public and employee welfare events both in financial and any other possibilities, including education aids, health camp organization and many more.

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