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Briquettes are specially produced for retail markets for the users of coco peat in gardening, cropping and all horticulture and hydroponic as potting mixture or soil conditioner. The highest compression ratio 8:1 gives the maximum cost benefit to the retailer and the customer. The briquettes are also useful for bulk customers who need in bulk quantities or intend for reuse.  For the retail market, wrapped briquettes with customer specified labels are available.

fff With our state of the art well organized packing line including two shrink machines and skill labour force, enable us to pack our products according to the buyer’s exact requirement with a feasible price.  

That’s the reason why we have become the leading coir based retail product manufacture & supplier for world largest supermarket chains.
  100% natural coco peat (Particle size and mixing ratio can be change as per the buyer's requirement.
  650g (+/-30g) & 500g (+/-30g)
  below 22%
  600μs/cm – 1,500μS/cm (Both 1:3 & 1:5 Test Method)
  After Expansion Volume
  6-10 liters per Briquettes (It is subject to change with weight of the Block)
  Packing & Loadability
  As per the buyer's preference
  All specification can be change with buyer's preferences.

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