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CoCo Green Grow Cubes
provides an ideal solution for roots damages occurs in vegetative or sexual propagation in hydroponics and horticulture industry. It can be use as a replacement for the traditional seedling cubes made by rock wools or peat moss and ideally matched to coco peat growing media such as grow bags, open top planter bags etc, at the growing stages of the plant.

It is ideal for plant nurseries. Coco peat Grow cubes reduces the reject rate of nursery plant. Ability to control water and fertilizing independently during raising seeds also reduces the rejects. They are easy to handle and can be directly placed on the growing media in the latter stages where the uncovered or partly covered bottom allows undisturbed roots distribution into the grow media. It will save your money, time & risk.

Grow cubes are suitable for any kind of crop and gives excellent results with Tomato, Chilies, Cucumber, Peppers, Strawberries, Roses, Gerberas.


  100% natural coco peat (Particle size and mixing ratio can be change as per the buyer's requirement.
  Block Size
  As per the buyers preference
  4.5Kgs (+/-.02kg)
  Below 20%
  600μs/cm – 1,500μS/cm (Both 1:3 & 1:5 Test Method)
  1 x 20ft GP Container
  Packing & Loadability
  As per the buyer's preference
  All specification can be change with buyer's preferences.

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